Rock a world


A few days ago something happened that I would not wish upon my biggest enemy. A very dear friend’s daughter was abducted. I can still remember the feeling I felt when I heard the news. The cold, nausious and uneasyness with how could this happen? Who would/could do something like this? Our first instinct is to react. We call out to all to help spread the word. We call all we know and all look up and start to pray. The question how do I get through this is one that leaves you with more questions and even bigger heartache. We look for our strenght in our Father for His promise is that He will never forsake us nor leave us. A town, a country all down on their knees. How amazing and in the same sentence tragic.

It takes the kidnapping of a little girl to bring man to a stand still and take stock. It takes the heartache of 2 parents for us to remember where we find hope and love and comfort. But it does not stop there. Satan starts his own little campaign with stories and lies and stories with tags and and and. Out the window goes hope. Our foundation grumbles and our rocks start to fall. You see God builds up from the bottom. He lays the foundation in His word and gives us the cement and stones to build the walls and roofing. But we are human and always, but always, want to get things done faster. Life is a rat race. A hasty run from point a to b. It is then that we build cracks. And unfortunately any builder would know if your cement mixture is not right the walls will fall, crack and crumble. The amazing thing is our walls should not crumble nor fall. We have the perfect building plan. The perfect builder.

The problem is we do only believe when we are called upon. You can now be cross and stop reading but you know its true. We are human. We pray and read the bible but somewhere during the day it gets lots. Like google maps once said “seriously lost”. Why does something have to go wrong for us to believe? Why is it so difficult for us just to keep the faith?

As I sit and watch my kids and look down at others playing I envy them. They don’t know what it is to struggle with finances, to struggle with your marraige, your job, your daily routine. For them it is a joy to be able to play and just live.

With all that happened the last few days I realised that we all need to be a little bit like a child. We are not perfect. Our colouring pencils have broken many times and our pictures have changed alot. But it does not mean that the picture can not be coloured beautifully. Every picture is a masterpiece. All has its own perfect imperfections. The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Lets take our foundation and our plans that was given to us by the best architect in the world and build the most amazing houses. Like a child lets reach for the stars and believe we can touch each one. For we can. We have the power to touch a life. The power to change the view of a country one person at a time. We are all somebodies whole world. Lets rock that world and build the creation to the fullest.

Put on your outside clothes, take your shovel, sand, sement and rocks. Make your mixture perfect with water and build that wall strong to last a lifetime. Be that one person that changes a life. Be that one person who picks someone up. Take someones burdens and cast them away. Just like it took a little girl to light a fire of prayer it takes one to change the future.


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