Grow where you are planted


Today a week ago my son and I started a project. I wanted something to keep him busy and teach him responsibility. We brought some vegetable seeds with from South Africa. On Saturday we purchased some planters and soil for him to start his own garden.
After a very dirty and “oh gross” and “the composs stinks” we managed to have 6 planters planted.


Everyday he has to water the plants. Because of our humidity and heat he has to water them twice a day. At first he was very disappointed when the packet stated that it would take 2-3 weeks for the seedlings to grow. To our biggest surprize after a week it has all started to sprout. Some even bigger and faster than the rest. His face every morning when he sees its a little bigger or sees a new sprout he jumps of joy. We still can not believe that it can grow so fast and must now purchase bigger planters for his garden. For which he is very excited.

This made me think when I was looking at him today. He takes so much care with each one. He checks that the soil is wet enough, he checks to see if there is no weeds. Hell if I gave him a ruler I think he will measure it aswell. This is life. A growing process that takes time.

God created heaven and earth in 6 days. He planted and designed the world and everything in it. He planted us. Not always do we end up where we want to be. Life happens and things goes wrong. We blame Him first and then look for all the other reasons why it did not work out. The thing is. We need to ask ourselves what should have happened if we would have stayed? We should look at the bigger picture.
God garden of life is not simple. He plants us. He waters us daily with His words. The problem starts here.


Not all of us are the type of soil that listens to what we are told. We are sometimes to rocky and the word/water just runs past us. Some of us are so thick headed the water just lays on top of us doing absolutely nothing. Then the weeding starts. When you pull out weeds you need to pull it out root and all. That is not always easy. Some roots are deep and we need to dig deep and pull hard. That’s how some of our problems feel. It feels as if it over rules us. We feel like we are being sucked dry and that no oxygen or live are breathed into us. The gardner needs to remove these roots. The soil again allows how easy the process are going to be and really, some of us are really pigheaded. Stubborn is not even a description.

We grow. How tall and fruitful depends on us. God gives us all He can. He waters us with the rain and water of life, He provides nutrients in His word and He destroys satan’s every attack for how deep we allow Him. Our growth and sprouting is in our hands.
A fellow friend used to say we are so huge because we are always in the “shit”. We needed it to grow. And in a way it is true. We need all the shitty things in life to make us stronger. We need the bad so that we can realize the good and see the beauty of every day.

Our gardner never leaves us unattended. We might feel alone and full of weeds but if we open ourselves up and loosen some of the soil for Him to enrich us we can reach such huge heights. All we need to do is to believe and allow Him to take care of us. Everyday is a gardening day. Everyday we are measured. Sometimes we come up short but other days we grow to the be strong. Let Him enrich you and grow.
Be the most beautiful and fruitful garden you can be. Inspire others to take some off the fruit of your believe and see how much growth there can be. Plant your seeds and watch it grow. Be amazed everyday.


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