The road


So many things have changed since I last wrote. I changed countries, left all I love behind and started a new life in a strange world. The saying goes life is the road less travelled. Well this is definately true.

As I sit and look through the window I stare at the most beautiful setting. Here where we are settled for now in the mountains its like living in a story book. The hills goes on non-stop. All is green and fresh. The streetlights of houses build looks like tiny fireflies trying to give direction.
A road like this make a person look at life through another window. All is different. Language, culture, driving and even food. All we took for granted is different.

Some days it is really hard to stay focussed on ones goals. The emptiness and loneliness creeps up and one seldom wonders why did I do this? Why did I leave all that I have for this unknown.
The blaming game in your head starts to work overtime. Everything seems to be to much and not even all the hills that surrounds us seems to be enough to run to and to hide and shout it all out.

It is then that you realize what you are, who you are. In your lowest low you see the bigger picture. You read the scripture with a different eye. God promised to allows be with us. He is after all the creator of all. He made this wonder world. The world where all is in harmony, except your state of mind. And that is the most difficult battle. The battle to understand that God would not put something on your road without given us the directions. He said that He would never forsake nor leave us. A good friend reminded me this week that it is us who leaves His path. The devil just lays like a panther and wait for that first I cant. And then he takes hold and to break that is a whole different ballgame. It takes being on your knees and asking forgiveness. But you want to know the greatest thing about being there? That’s where you will find Him. In that moment all will make sense. All He askes is that this road He put you on be walked with Him. Those times when you feel alone, confused and like giving up, it is then when you are safe in His arms being carried to where you are supposed to be.

We are sometimes blind to what we see around us. Lights on a mountain looks like a road that has to be driven on so that you do not go off the road but, it can also mean it shows you the way to where you are meant to be. The curves in the road was maybe build because there were now other way to build the road but maybe it is to show us that life is not only a simple road. It has ups and downs and sometimes an extra curveball or two.
One thing I do know is that I will never look at a road as just a road. Every road is an oppertunity. One you can take or one you can pass by. On every road the turn off can leave to a uphill or downhill. But that is life. Having light along the road is so much more than just being able to see. Its being able to see what is right in front of you. It being able to grab the good and the bad.

All God askes of us is that we trust in Him. He will never let us fall or travel a road He has not chosen for us. But if we should read the map of life wrong He also has a way of showing us how to reach our destination.
So look up when you drive. Look at the view. Take in the beauty and see the road marks. And always know that the road to greatness is taken with God as the driven of the car. There is no better GPS than Him.


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