Sands of time

Time. A term that can be measured but the meaning is overwhelming. I sit and stair at the hourglass and see the sands flowing freely to the bottom. As the sand flows from the bottom it leaves its mark on the top. Very tiny lines can be seen. It makes me think about our daily lives.

Everyday we get up in the morning. We drink our coffee and start our day. Its a well laid out plan. Every minute is planned. The schedule is worked out way in advance and all must run smooth. No time for hiccups and potholes along the way.

As the day go by not all seems to be on track. We get frustrated and mad. We swear and scream and at the end of the day we feel emotionally drained and tired. The only question we keep on asking is WHY?

Then we should rather ask: “When was the last time you asked God?”. When was the last time you asked Him if it is the right time or path. We are so busy juggling everyday life that taking time to talk to God is not even in the schedule. This is unfortunate. He is suppose to be on speed dail and right on top. For He has already laid the path we should take. He has already decided what will and what will not.

But this is human flaw. One He knows and forgives us for. This is also our biggest problem. We want things done the way we want and in the timeframe set by us. We want to be in control. Here lays the problem. He is in control. He is our map and GPS. Every step we take is planned. When we feel alone and scared He is always there. Your fears should be His. Your trust should be in Him. He will never forsake us or leave us. That promise was made and He died for us so that we can fulfill our destiny.

So like the sands flow through the hourglass and leaves its ripples behind we must remember that we leave ripples to. We meet people and end up in situations where we can do great things. We are allowed to take huge steps and know that we are safe. Big desicions will always come with certain answers. We just need to see the sand flow. We need to make the impact and ripple so that we can make a difference.

Take be first step. Fall through the glass of time knowing that you are safe. Knowing that you are protected and loved. And if you land at the bottom and survived all the potholes of the day know that every bump is made for a reason. Every pothole can be fixed. Get down and dirty and be the best you can be. Take the leap of faith and sail the sands of time. Be safe in the knowledge that God will never leave your side.

Jy is voorwaardelik geseend en een uit ‘n miljoen. Volmaak in Sy hand geplaas en geroep by jou naam.
Just keep swimming.

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