Today, or should I say this week, has not been a very good week.  Daily we are faced with so many challenges. Some are big and some are small. Luckily God gave us an amazing thing called friends.  This path therefore does not need to be travelled alone. But what happens if the problem you have is something from your past or an insident which happened and they can not assist you? What do you doe then?


Well the past few days I have been visited by a lot off ghosts from the past. All the images of heartache and unhappyness, the sorrow, the pain came flooding back.  No I know that I am not alone and there are daily people who struggles with just that. I found myself crying and asking the Lord where did I go wrong? Where did I faulter? Why does this happen to me? When is it all going to end?


Then the words came to me.  God did not let this happen because I did something wrong. He made it happen so that I would have the wisdom and courage to help others in the same situation. He would never put something on your path for which He did not fully equip you.


Sometimes it is difficult to see around the pain and heartache. Sometimes we feel so alone and tiredsome. It is then when we need to realize that we are not alone. God is carrying us and we are safe in His arms. We are protected by His undying love and acceptance. For He called us by name. For Him we are special.


Dear Father God. I know there is so many people with hurt and sadness. I lay them before your Feet for protection and encouragement. Father please work in us and through us so that we can feel wanted and loved. Take away the sadness and replace it with joy. Please let us see the road not taken so that we can travel to you. God bless every person reading this. Bless their families and friends. Lift them up to higher place and let their focus be forever more only on You. I pray this in Your almighty name. Amen.


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