Music is life


“Yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me the bible tells me so.” As I listen to this song played by our pastor the words feels so real. All of us are on a road not travelled before. The future unknown. This road we are traveling though has a lot of ups and downs. The potholes are sometimes small and other times huge obstacles.

The big difference in all our lives is the way we walk and travel this road. God sends different people and situations our way. Each one carries a lesson. The way we look at this is totally up to you.  Have you ever met a person and thought to yourself that you don’t like him or her and would rather stay clear.  Then after a few days and getting to know the person you find a friend.  Or maybe you went for an interview at a company and walked out saying “Even if this is the last place on earth I would never work here” and ended up there. There reason for this is unknown to us but long known by God.


He sends us friend in different shapes and sizes. He places us in places where He needs us to do His work. 99% of the time we end up happy and cannot believe what had to happen for us to be there. This is one of our biggest challenges. Hope and faith.  We want to know now. We don’t want to wait and see. Answers are needed when we ask and not when we need to know.  It is only once we open ourselves and go onto our knees that He tells us because only then we are ready to hear the truth. With God carrying us we are so much stronger. We can conquer the universe.


My prayer for you:

“Our heavenly Father. We are nothing without you. We are but empty symbols in a band with no music. Please fill us with the songs and music of your truth and love. I lay before you all my friends, family and all the people I am still to know. Bless us and fill us with Your wisdom and unending love. Each and every one is precious in their own way. Let them shine as bright as the brightest star. Let your power, wisdom and love reign for ever and ever. Amen.”


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