Being who you are is not a mistake. Becoming the BEST you can be is your DESTINY. Reach for the stars. Dream big dreams and BELIEVE. Join me on a journey that will change your life.

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Cannot believe how time flies nor how one grows. When I started this blog is was to motivate others and to inspire them to believe in themselves.
Now a new journey is starting. A journey of self discovering and realizing dreams. In afrikaans we have a saying ”Jy is nooit te oud om te leer nie” and “’n Boer maak ‘n plan maar ‘n onderwyser het 2”. Well this educator has reached number 2.
This blog will be a journey. A journey which is founded in your believes and empowered by how you envision yourself.
Each post will be a guide to accept who you are and to better your outlook in life.
Sometimes we feel all alone in a big empty world which is swallowing us alive. It feels like every bit of oxygen is sucked out of your body and you are stuck, motionless and defeated. Everyday chaos and the pace to keep up with everyone and meet expectations is overwhelming.
Well you are not alone. You never were. Join me and many other in discussions on how to see the sun at the end of the tunnel. Experience the trill of having a silwer lining behind the darkest clouds.
I hope that with this blog you 2 can reach your dreams and touch the stars.
We are all wonderfully made, unique and precious. Kom stap saam die toekoms van die vreemde in met die Skepper aan jou sy en Sy belofte dat Hy jou nooit sal verlaat nie.


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Yvonne Benson